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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

Very Fish

Me, as always, feeling frisky after a good meal and bargain purchases, made a fool of myself in public.

I was with Clyde in a lift in Sg Wang. Neh, the only lift in the world with a floor-to-ceiling steel pole. Seeing we were alone, I demonstrated amateurish pole dancing moves when the lift doors opened suddenly. Eeeyer...malu sial! A couple walked in. I wasn’t quite sure if they caught a peep of me working the pole. Blushing like mad, I just looked downwards throughout the whole 3-floor journey.

Clyde was of course, tickled pink. He had the time of his life chuckling away at anything that makes me look like a fool.

Thanks, man. Now I know who to go to when I need some support and understanding.


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Hey I was just kidding. They didnt see anything la. The moment the door was opened wide enough to peek thru you had already stop.

Since that's the case, can we have one later tonight? I dont mind DIY the pole......

If you've been a VERY good boy... :)

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