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Thursday, October 12, 2006 

The Calling

My paterfamilias, patriarch, progenitor, predecessor called me this morning.

Funny coz we never made an effort to communicate when we were living under the same roof since forever.

We avoided each other when we were in the same room.

We looked away when we ran out of social niceties.

He inflicted more pain on me than any man ever could.

He called to say his health is failing him, he’s on painkillers everyday and there’s no cure.

For the first time in his life he embraced weakness.


The end.

But the gaffer won’t go without a bang.

He expressed his need to see me bear ‘fruits’ before meeting his maker.

He’s talking about offspring, next of kin, heir. And it’s not the first time. Usually these messages come in the form called ”mother says...”. He said this would make everybody very happy.

How could I not see this coming? A good strategist, my old man.

I don’t understand him, never have and never will. But what’s this I feel? A pang of sadness, a sense of longing to for his approval, a need to be part of his world.

This apple fell very far from the tree.

Everything happens carrying a reason. And the reason shouldn't be him but should be you, me, and God himself.

I believe all is in God's masterplan.

But if that is in His plan, I'll be a very happy man.

Just pray that, it, will be a combination of all the bests of us.

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