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Wednesday, October 18, 2006 

The Angel and The Beast

Memory is the most amazing thing happens to me.

It's nothing, doesnt consist of any physical form, but it could do more blessing from a priest or more damage from a lion.

It's just something you, or maybe not you but your brain, decided to keep. Ocassionally swarm you with piles of emotions.

Sometimes it appears in a form of an angel, keeping you warm, making you feel safe, and putting you in laughters.
Sometimes it will just turn into a beast, giving a chill down your spine, pulling tears outta you, and consuming you to your soul.

However, sometimes it will just vanish, if not totally disappear, will play hide and seek with you. It will be like a lion lurking in the bushes; you never know when it will jump out.

Sometimes we claim we have thrown part of it away but what we didnt realise is we cannot throw any memory away. All we could do is to turn our back, refuse to stad face to face with it.

It's part of you, in the end of the day.

In fact, it's you.

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