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Friday, October 13, 2006 

Friday the 13th

It's, to the westerner, a bad, bad, bad-luck day.

There're many stories that almost everyone can tell each other about a day when he/she got so unlucky. Most of them could create some laugh when shared amongst friends.

Most of the unlucky stories are funny. But why?

It's because no matter how bad is it, when we can tell it to someone it means we have lived thru it. Isn't it something we should be happy about it?

And I'm going to tell you a story that I can challenge you to top it.

The worst is not experiencing something bad. The worst is experiencing something bad AFTER something real good happened before that.


We werecelebrating a friend's birthday that day. After the dinner, while all of us walk pass a 4D shop, the birthday girl suggested all of us buy a lottery ticket and she will give us each a personal number as blessing. Normally I do not buy 4D or anything but since that a special occasion, I bought RM50 big and RM50 small of the number the birthday girl gave me. After that, I just put the ticket in my car's compartment along with all my parking receipt and didn't think about it.

Just two days later, while I was still sleeping, I got a call from this friend of mine early in the morning. She was laughing and screaming on the other side telling me that the number I bought on her birthday struck first prize.

I wasn't believing her but she insisted I check it out from the newspaper. I went downstairs and grab that day's morning paper. Surprise surprise, the number did appear as the first prize. Still thinking it would be too good to be true, I checked the company to see whether it's the same as the one I bought my ticket from.

Well well well, it's Sport TOTO! It means I have won RM50,000 plus!

I remebered I'd just chucked the ticket in my old Wira which I parked outside. Without wasting any time I rushed out of my condo unit on my undie thinking not many people would be in the parking lot during 6.15am on a Saturday morning. My car's just near the lift, I could just rush outta lift, unlock my car, get the ticket, and get back in. All shouldn't be more than a 30 second.

When the elevator door opened, while starting to rush out I pressed my remote control. I didn't hear the beeping sound of my car. I get to the parking lot, looked at my parking space and found that there's no car in it. "Did I accidently park my car elsewhere?" I looked around the parking lot, definitely I couldn't see my car anywhere nearby. I started to run around hoping I could find my car somewhere but, no luck.

So, confirmed that somebody have stolen my car. Not the car alone but with a lottery ticket worth RM50,000 in it!

I was totally blanked out until I heard someone calling me. There were a man, a woman, and 2 small kids, who seemed to be about to have some family together time on a Saturday morning.
I realised they have funny expression on their faces.

The police came later on that day which normally they don't for a lost car case. I dont know whether it is because the lost car contained a TOTO ticket worth RM50,000 or because they think a man standing in the middle of a parking lot, on a Saturday morning, stunt, and half naked with only his brief is highly inappropriate.


I told this friend of mine to write to FHM True Story. He might get something outta it.

How come you never told me dis story b4 wan?

People like me somehow always gather. You'll never run out of stories from all the "lui" people,

From Clyde Lui

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