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Friday, November 17, 2006 

Bantal Busuk

They come in the quantity of a pair.

They join our family when Bonnie moved in when we first wedded.

They are Bonnie's best friend when she felt insecure, especially during sleep time.

They provide comfort during Bonnie's every morning detoxification moment.

They both are named, individually, by Bonnie.

This twins are the ones that share our bed every night. Bonnie use them to form a "V" shape, covering her ears, as a protective shield against closet monsters in the night.

I have nothing against them as I've pretty much got use to the foursome relationship.

The only problem is, these two buggers followed Bonnie since like during centuries ago. They actually, according to Bonnie, contain the unique body aroma of their mistress.

(Ok, before I go further, lemme just decribe a little about them. Basically, they're two children pillows, aged, and with "minor" stain. The color? Imagine I secretly give them a nickname: old tyre)

This is not the problem too, actually. The main thing I might find myself struggling to learn is, Bonnie likes to, outta sudden, press these faithful friends of her onto my face; and insistI inhale as deep as I could.

Of course I did; I promise, as I know not doing so will cause hazards to my personal health. Well at least by inhaling, the damage to health isn't that great.

Luckily, this's not her idea of foreplay.

Also lucky enough, she's not using whip and handcuffs.

Guess I'm a lucky man after all.

HELLOOOO... you have your Garfiled mini bolster so don't even go there ok. And the things you do with it. I refuse to wash dirty laundry in public so don't get me started.

Aiyo this post reminded me soo much of my bantal busuk. I called it 'cold pillow' cos it was always cold and i had it since i was born till i was about 13. That's when my mummy decided to throw it away without my knowledge. Still haven't forgiven her for it!

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