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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 

The Fisherman & The Fairy 2

I remember someone told me: Instead of changing your environment, we should change ourselves.

I’m talking about happiness here. We always look for external factor, or our surrounding environment, to help us to feel happy; but have we all forgotten that in the whole “happy” process, we are the final deciding factor?

The story from my last post is a mirror of ourselves, or the general behavior of the people today. We always try to change our environment to make us happy. We change our bank balance to bigger number, we change our surrounding people to our friends, we change our insecure environment to a secure home/house, etc. In short, we are trying to do everything to make things happen to our liking, the way we think is good.

But changing things to the way we believe is good doesn’t equals happy. There’s definitely nothing wrong about working hard and make our lives more comfortable and secure; what I’m saying is, these have nothing at all to do with happiness.

We feel happy because we feel happy. We don’t feel happy because we have just bought a nice car, or eat a great meal. All the external factors are just things that help to stimulate one of our emotion called happiness. They’re indirect, they just help, to make us feel happy. But in the end of the day, it’s all up to us to make ourselves happy.

Just like the fisherman, all he wanted is fish and all he needed to do is go fishing. Of course with the fairy’s tune, he could catch fishes easier but like all of us, he focus on the wrong thing. He focused on how to make the fairy play the tune instead of focusing on his fishes!

When we want to feel happy, we just start to feel happy. Of course it’s never easy to master it because most of us basically know too little about ourselves. Before we start to point finger at others, let us first understand this: If we cant even master and take control of our own selves, how can we control and change others?

Stop pointing fingers. Stop blaming others.

If something went wrong, the only persons we can ever blame is ourselves.

Vice verse, no matter what happen, the only thing that can make us happy is ourselves.

This is a lyric I love so much recently. For those who do not understand Chinese, just wanna share two verse with ya:

“Our heart is filled with more abundance than the world outside
Close our eyes and we shall see more than we saw.”


自从创世以来 飘于里海




只要存在 不要问为何而来
明白一天到达 一天会离开

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