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Friday, November 17, 2006 


Clyde says my sleeping pattern is weird.

I disagree.

I think I just had a traumatic childhood.

Ghosts and ghouls spooks me out. A spooky bedtime story will guarantee a night of eyes wide opened-ness. So in order to overcome that fear I needed “security” which comes in the form of a Bible / Crucifix / picture of Kuan Yin by my bedside. Yeah, those days I was a multi-religionist. :)

I always ensure my blanket covers me entirely, from the chin onwards. Feet mustn’t protrude as demons will always attack the toes first. And ears are vulnerable areas too so I need both my bantal busuk to cover them up. Can’t say I wasn’t a child with an overactive mind. Heh.

Without realising it, I exercised this ritual till now.

But there are exceptions. I mean, I don’t do this during outstation trips as i don’t bring along my bantal busuks with me everywhere. I’d like to think I am “flexible” when it comes to habits.

Nope, I am not dependant.

At all.


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Ha, just cant say how much I like to see the "V"!

Cuteness beyond words.

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