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Tuesday, November 21, 2006 

Shit Happens

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Attracted by the huge sign age that reads, “CRAB PROMOTION: RM1 PER KG”, me, Clyde and another couple friend ventured inside this new restaurant in Sunway Mas for a night of seafood binge.

First of all, the promotion is long gone and in it’s place, is a RM38 per kg priced crab dishes. Not attractive.

And their chiu pai (infamous) Black Pepper crab leaves much to be desired. Another crab dish we sampled was Salted Egg Crab. For the life of me, I can’t comprehend wth someone would actually add kunyit powder to make the whole dish yellowish when all they could do is add sufficient amount of duck eggs. Not attractive at all.

When all is done, I proceeded to the washroom to rinse my hands. On the door of the toilets were stuck a notice that went chink-chong-chink-chong. At least put an English sign la.

The ladies’ loo was locked and I used the men’s. It was one of those squatting type of toilet. After peeing, I flushed.

Like a civic-minded Malaysian, I flushed and looked back to ensure I flushed properly.

The entire content of the toilet rose up to the brim. Crapola was floating in there man. An all-brown community with friends and family. Particles of undigested food was swimming around. Like how Milo kaw sticks to the side of your mug every morning.

Suppose the loo was broken down since morning, there’s 8 hour worth of poo in there multiplied by... erm... say, 10 staff? And surely each staff will take a minutes off everyday to ponteng... I mean, answer nature’s call I assume there are 20 tables of 6 pax altogether in the restaurant and say, all tables were fully occupied either during lunch and dinner for a full day... excluding pee and assuming a quarter of the customers crapped after their meal and each person deposits 3lbs worth of crap, my calculations are as below:

10 staff x 3lb = 30lb
120 customers / 4 = 30 customers x 3lb = 90lb
30lb + 90lb = 120lb / 2.2 = 54.5kg.

That could only mean.... I SAW 54.5KG WORTH OF CRAP!!!


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