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Wednesday, February 07, 2007 

Last Minute Shopping

I'm not refering to us, as general consumers, shopping for our CNY goodies.

I'm refering to marketers and purchasers in corporate.

It should be a good thing, after all, since there're businesses coming in.

The only problem is the dateline.

Place the order, wipe their asses, go back hometown, enjoy their holidays, and when come back to work, finished goods would be all ready to be delivered to their warehouses.

Sometimes I wish things will just happen with a push of a magic button. Boom! Things are done; duty accomplished.

Negotiation the delivery dateline with them is a big no no. "I have given you 2 weeks time, what more you can ask for?"

For a month with only 28 days and half of them are pretty much non prductive, I should be appreciative about it. The least it helps on our turnover figure.

Well, I am.

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