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Tuesday, March 13, 2007 

The Man of the House

Well, things happen in the house. They always do.

From the smallest, totally insignificant stuff to....... er, we are talking about insignificant things.

Since you are reading this, and if you happen to be a man, especially somehow being crowned the "head" of the family, have you ever been ask, "What're ya going to do about this? You are the man of this house!"

Usually in a tone that's much louder than is to your comfort.

And obviously, this happen when that Man is not da Man of the house.

Well, either I am still NOT the man of the house or I'm lucky enough to have women in my house being extremely understanding.

I guess the latter one is true.

This kinda situation most likely will happen in a household where the wife and mother-in-law live under the same roof. Where the husband is force to take side, which being just and fair is no longer important.

A friend of mine came to see me this afternoon, spilling his story all over me, delaying all my schedule, and finish a whole 14 pack. I can't totally understand his feeling but I can imagine his pain. It really give me a shiver in the spine.

The story: The mother is 70, almost blind. Asking her daughter-in-law to bring her to see a doctor, in a not so polite manner (The second part is the wife version). Daughter in law refused because she's busy with housework, also with a bad tone (Mother in law version). So mother in law try to get outta house, somehow knock some dishes and all the mangkuk pinggang were broken falling onto floor at d same time cut the daughter in law foot. Daughter in law try to stop her, accidently push mother in law on ground. Mother in law got bone fracture.

"Can it get more dramatic?" He asked.

Honestly, that's actually 80% of me wanting to laugh out loud; yes, it's s-o drama. Obviously I didnt. Being polite I just continued to sit there and be a good listener.

However, I was pondering when I was driving home later: Since when men, at least in Malaysia, have come to such a stage? Man of the House.

Follow with a long sigh.

Can. Get an Indonesian maid with an attitude and DIL on her side. Drama Minggu ini kaw-kaw...

Yeah wor..... then d daughter n mother in law will be on d same side

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