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Monday, March 05, 2007 

Post CNY Phobia

I believe evey chinese will get a bit crazy after CNY; whether it's bad or good.

Well at first, I got a whole string of not-so-positive post from Bonnie......

As for me, it's the usual swarm of work, not lying on top of my desk, but flyingtowards me, hitting hard on the face.

Also been making courtesy calls, visiting clients and spending hours talking craps that I have no interest at all with people.

Worse, I had to arrange many, many,many lunches and dinners.

I like to eat, chinese food and Yee Sang have been my favourates. But 9 lou sang sessions in 5 days? That's pushed my limit to a new high.

Everything has just seemed to be overdone.

Does it indicate that I have a good life? I guess so. At least I appreciate what I have.

Happy Post Chinese Year!

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