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Friday, March 23, 2007 

Man @#*%&#^

"The nasi lemak you are having is always not as delicious as the roti canai that fat guy eating next table."

This is his explanation.

I got his friend;lets call him X: young, well educated, stable income, and pretty good looking. He stay in Riana Green, with his young and attractive girl friend. Pretty good life he has.

The only problem is: he's always more interested in what others have; especially woman.

While still couldn't forget his face when he talked about this girl he's having a fling with challenged him for sex marathon, he now has his eye set on another girl who's a friend of our common friend.

This friend of ours is actually pretty skeptical about sharing this girl's phone number, email address, and her friendster account with Mr X. Well at least he's kind enuf to check what's the intention of Mr X is; which is pretty obvious.

"Boobs." he told me later.

I don't know the girl; I met her once but didn't actually recall her face. However according Mr X, the shape and size is actually something he hasn't experienced. That's the reason, and the ONLY reason.

Suddenly I remember something a person told me when I was young and was foolig around. "Other people's daughter doesn't bloomed out from a flower." (a translation from cantonese)

I feel sad for woman. How would it feel when the man you believe in so much is in truth a typical man who actually sees woman not more than a pile of flesh with a pair of breast and a vagina?

"This's the nature. We are created to look for anybody with a good DNA and spread our seed. While woman, since they only have one egg at a time, they could only find a good DNA male and stick to him. Law of nature 101: all living things are looking to extend and improve their DNA so their next generation will be better." While sipping his teh tarik, he said.

I think things that have no feelings (just physical pleasure) will never understand that other people actually have.

Again, I feel sad for those woman who love their spouse whole heartedly and foolish enough to oversee what kind of person her husband is.

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