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Wednesday, March 28, 2007 

Road Bully

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There’s a quaint little lorong kecik that leads to our home and the residents around use it a lot for convenience. It’s rather narrow, but it’s 2-way and 2 cars can easily use it at the same time on any given day.

Until yesterday nite, that is.

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I was happily humming a song as I (Car B) drove home last night when I bumped into a road bully. As usual, I turned in at the lorong kecik when this apek (Car A) in a big mother Camry came from my left and tried to turn in as before I exited.

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I tried to inch more to my left but there’s only no more space left. I gestured to him but he wouldn’t budge. I winded down my window and said’ “There’s no more space on my left. I can’t make way for you. Can you reverse?”

It seems that such a complicated situation like this immobilised all of Apek’s senses and he just sat in his car, deaf, mute and retarded.

I had to make a choice. If I reverse all the way out of the lorong kecik, cars that turn in will crash into mine. All Apek had to do was reverse a bit. So, how? I gestured to Apek again and he just stared at me. So I pulled my hand brakes and waited.

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It must have been a good 10 minutes before Car C came along. The owner flashed his lights but none of us could move. He got down from his car and yelled, ”Eh you all want to fight go one side lah. Waffor block the road?” Then he walked closer to have a clearer view of what’s happening and I told him, ”Sorry sir. I can’t give this man any more way coz there’s no more space. I can’t move.”

Car C didn’t even look at me and then he continued yelling at Apek,”Eh, you! Just move your car lah! What’s wrong with you! You want to fight is it? Come lah! COME!”

At this point, Apek snapped to his senses. He winded down his window and started shouting incoherently. But he wasn’t man enough to get out and face Car C. Car D, E and F arrived and started honking.

Finally, Apek reversed, cursing all the way. As I drove passed him, Apek did not return my glare. Instead, it was a face-off between him and Car C instead. Apek winded up his window, locked his doors and gave Car C a menacing look. This is what separates the boys from the men lah. I figured for Apek to reverse, it would mean he had to admit he was in the wrong, which he was, no doubt about that. And that is a big thing for someone with an ego bigger that his backside.

Morale of the story? You don’t need Bonnie to disrupt the neighbourhood ‘chi’. They do a fantastic job themselves. Hehe.

It used to be a quiet peaceful neighbourhood..... He he

Ooooh...liddat lah..so it's my fault izit?!

Weren't you lucky it was just an Apek inside Car A. It could have been very bad if it were Botak Chin's nephew or Kalimuthu's chief disciple inside Car A. Then the first person to have his face rearranged would be the driver of Car C.

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