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Tuesday, March 27, 2007 

Meaty House

We unearthed an amazing makan place yesterday. Actually, it was more me than Clyde. :D Nestled in the midst of the busy Taipan USJ area, therein lies an uncharted territory only a babi lover like me can discover.

Ok la. To be frank, I only noticed the place after making my familiar rounds at The Grey and Little Black Book boutique and guess which restaurant is sandwiched in-between?

From the outside, the orange and black signage and a name like “Meaty House” gave an impression of a meat butcher rather than a restaurant. It’s both, actually. Kinda like Mr. Ho’s and Euro Deli. Upon closer inspection, I saw posters of ‘Pork Knuckle & Sauerkraut’, ‘German Sausages’ and ‘Mexican BBQ Ribs’ pasted on the glass door. Such sheer magic words.

And so we went, a party of four which includes me, Clyde, mom and aunt.

We ordered a portion of Pork Knuckle, Mexican BBQ Ribs and my aunt opted for Grilled Dory Fish. The pork knuckle was great! Love the sauerkraut too! The ribs were ok but a tad too sweet for Clyde’s taste. Aunt had no complaints for her fish dish. The bill came up to less than RM100, which is cheap coz the pork knuckle we ate at German Haus at Jalan Alor is RM40+ compared to MH’s RM29.90.

The proprietor is also a music lover so you are treated to his melodious vocals as you eat. Hehe.

Good value-for-money for a great-tasting babi meal so do drop by if you are in the area:

Restaurant Meaty House
No. 37-G, Jalan USJ 10/1D,
UEP Subang Jaya

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Crispy, tasty, piping hot Pork Knuckle

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Sweet, lean, mean Mexican BBQ Ribs

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