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Monday, April 02, 2007 


Date: Friday night
Venue: Home

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.

Inbetween reading my favourite weekly tabloid and watching TV, I actually dropped everything I am doing to start up my Mac. Cannot tahan oredi. My fingers are itching for some QWERTY.

Animal Planet is showing an episode on Moon bears, and it disgusts me to no end how humans can torture animals for their own advantage. Moon bears are being kept alive in small cages to prevent any movement or activity while being milked alive for their bile. Chinese medication konon. Bah.

Let’s look at this way. Us Chinese have a strong belief that everything is written in Heavens, ya? So matters of life and death is fated, ya? So what if you THINK you are suffering from some indeficiency? Since you already have one leg in the coffin, maybe it is time for you to croak. Who gave you the right to defy God’s will and prolong your pathetic life by sacrificing animals?

The Spaniards actually have a festival where bulls are starved, teased and speared alive by matadors. Sometimes the whole village joins in. And it’s something to brag about if you consume bull testicles as it supposedly increase sexual prowress. Frankly, if you can’t get it up, you have a flaccid dick and you should see your doctor about it instead of looking at animals mating, get turned on and wonder what it’s like to be in the bull’s hooves. Zoophilia is illegal, you morons.

The Amazing Videos programme on Astro often shows people being rammed and stampeded by the bulls. Everytime I see that, I laugh, I applaud and I cheer the animal on. Padan muka sial.

Btw, it is never the sick or the dying who ‘needs’ the bull/tiger/deer testicles, bear paws, sharksfin, bear/snake bile, snake blood, monkey brains, dog meat, etc.

It is the curious and the damned.

Medication konon.

If you wanna show off to the world that you are rich enough to purchase exotic food and fearless enough to consume it, why don’t you do the world a favour by eating your own genitals and jumping off a building at the same time?


Thought u r so motivated by the workshop that day......

Agree! Not only animals, but see what is human doing to humans too

Yeah. Things like these ruffle my feathers.

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