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Thursday, March 29, 2007 

22 - 35 - 55

I got this very young "designer" working for me.

Well, like many of the fresh grad I meet doing my clients designs, these so-called "designers" actually have actually no or very little fundamental skill and knowledge. Well the designs could be fantastic, especially if the servicing is good, but many of it can't be put into production. Merely for presentation purposes.

Ok I am a printer and if I talk about designs that cannot be printed, it might sound I have prejudice. The following is a story happen between the client and creative; not even to production stage:

"F#@k! Last approved design oledi now do f.A. suddenly say cannot approve !"

"What's up? maybe too many body text at the back side of the box while the front of the box is more of a minimalist design."

"Yeah la, Cina bek company. So much gimmick"

"Wait, before you start, did they inform you how much text will there be during briefing. If you know it will be such heavy text packaging, you souldnt be going this direction."

"Yeah....... but they didnt gimme the text! They just say it will be around 150 words. So I just did dummy text, and I did showed them. See....."

(I looked at the mockup box.)

"But the dummy text here is so few. You should have at least simulate an approxiamate space of 150 words!"

"Yeah yeah. I dont have the EXACT body text. What do you expect? You dont understand la. You people think is so simple like typing a word processing software."

(Rolled his eyes, as if the word "stupid" is stuck on my forehead.)

Actually I am glad he is not doing the old school cut and paste for typo. At the same time I am worry for him if he didnt meet someone who make him fall hard on his face, he will stuck there forever.

Well, I couldn't be bothered. I have one in my office.

Whenever I told Bonnie I had an hour long discussion/motivation/brain washing session with my designer, she told me to be easy; saying that he's still young and such. Perhaps she's been dealing a lot more than me with these kinda young chaps. She's more experienced in handling young creatives.

But I'm not complaining about their abilities or creative. It's the attitude that I have hard time understanding. I told him the company has budget, though not too big, around RM100+ per month for him to buy reference, but over 6 months our library is still almost empty besides of the few company profiles that I chucked in there initially. I just cant get it.

How can a person not take this opportunity to buy reference on the expense of the company so he can continue to improve?

Maybe Bonnie's right. Wen we were that young, we're that blur too. Letting chances slipped by. Leaving effort in vain. Spent most of our energy for none productive or even destructive activities.

Suddenly I just think of this: what would a 20 years older than me person will say when he looked at me? The way I treat my body, handle my health, effort on my work, time for my love ones..........

Maybe I really should be easy on him.

Chill la, brudder. He must WANT to learn, not becoz you expect him to. I was young once too.

I am learning to. I am learning.....

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