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Friday, April 13, 2007 


I hate birds.

Birds hate me too.

I hate the black & yellow birdie who used to sing (and still does) outside my bedroom window at my mom’s house every morning at 8am. It’s all right on a weekday coz I gotta wake up for work anyway, but not on a Saturday! it’s my only sleep-in day! And the melody is not the sweet twitter like the little sparrows but it’s a loud “huooot....huooot....HUOOOUUUUUTTTTTT!”

I was seriously considering buying a lastik.

A family of pigeon built their nest outside my room window and they went ”coo...coo...coooooo...” every night.

And what else? They poo everywhere on everything.

Today, as I walked from our designated parking lot to the office, I felt a slight tap on my head. Some stupid bird dropping landed on my right shoulder, smearing my hair as well.


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