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Thursday, April 12, 2007 

Ngow Yat

I started this auspicious day with a celebration of sorts. My phone did not stop ringing the moment I switched it on! Suddenly I feel so popular! :D

I picked Annie up and off we went to Mid Valley for a scrumptious brunch at Little Penang.

Next, we went to the money changer so she could convert her pound sterling.

Then we started our shopping spree. Annie bought a hairdryer, some stationery for her nieces, undies, hair & skin care products. I was moping around coz I couldn’t find the Ipanema sandals I was lusting after for the longest time. I bought something from MNG though, a simple white shirt that does nothing to advertise the brand. Perfecto.

At 3pm, we went to Aroma Garden for a 2 hour massage while Annie opted for a 2 1/2 hour spa treatment. I dunno if this is a cause for concern, but my masseur actually said to me,”Eh... you so skinny oso got tummy hor? See? You lie down still can see wor!”

I got half a mind to cancel my birthday dinner with Clyde. :’(

We left Mids around 530pm and on the way home, I rushed into BSC, the place I was told my beloved sandals “no stock”. I was hoping by some miracle and sheer luck, they have it in another colour. Annie waited in the car as I ran down to check. And they did! Talk about the God of Small Things!

I dropped Annie off and went home to Clyde, who drove me to our much anticipated Japanese buffet dinner. And folks, you must try Jogoya @ Star Hill. They’ve got the best buffet spread ever! All fresh, tasty and instantly replenished (good thing I didn’t cancel!). Even at RM100 per pax, it’s still worth it. Love the authentic Jap desserts. Yum. I could have eaten more, but I guess the last piece of mochi did it for me.

We stuffed ourselves to the brim and I was burping all the way home. Even after shower. Thanks for another great dinner, Clyde!

But nobody mention the word “sushi” to me in the next 10 days, please.


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