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Wednesday, April 11, 2007 

Bonnie Turns 26 & Several Months Old

I doubt Bonnie will be able o read this post today as she gets a day off on her birthday (lucky girl).

We celebrated my birthday yesterday; over-fed ourselves as usual, trying to find that one sandal she has her eyes on, watch some favorite sitcom (Everybody loves Raymond, how sweet).

Today's her turn. We have arranged another over-the-top feast session, some japanese buffet in Starhill. Will certainly be another happy-eating-regret-afterthat thing.

Our favorite celebration methods usually are about eating. Mebbe it's me only.

Also, there's the usual me being clumpsy. I sent flowers to her office today, forgetting she wont be in. I hope. duhhh................

Bonnie, just hope every single days of yours will filled with happiness and peace, and will be better than the day before.

May you start looking like my daughter twenty years later. Ha ha.

Happy birthday!

I'm not 28 lah not 26! :D

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