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Monday, April 16, 2007 

Quiet Time

1032 pm.

After a whole day of non-stop phone calling, problem solving, rush driving, and decision making, it's finally quiet now.

Alone in the office, while client and her husband have just gone out for dinner for an hour before coming back in for another session of online proofing, suddenly there's glimpse of freshness here.

I'm suppose to get to paperwork but, instead, I'm here doing nothing.

I just feel relax, readily knowing that there will be another round of havoc when my client comes back. However, I just couldnt be bothered.

I go online, check out our little blog, read and smile on what Bonnie's written; damn, that woman sure can write.

Right now, I just cant stop thinking of going home. Bonnie will be away for her company's trip soon and I'm here having late nights in the office. I should be home cuddling my luuvy now.

I am starting to miss her now.

Quiet time. 1045pm.

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