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Thursday, April 19, 2007 

Pain In The Butt

There’s these 2 spots on my buttocks that hurt when Clyde poke them gently. Don’t ask me why he was poking my ass in the first place. Hehe. It’s on the cheeks, somewhere between my back thigh and butt crack. And the position is identical on both right and left cheeks.

So how can this happen? And why? It could be the way I sit. Or my bum is so meatless I am sitting on bones. Or when I lifted heavy objects and strained something in my pelvic area years ago.

I’ve been rubbing oil (and spilling most of it) and sticking Salon Pas on them the past 2 nights. I really dun wanna visit the sadistic tukang andam again. He is sick, man. He find joy in other people’s pain. So what do I do?

I googled ‘pain in the butt cheek’ and guess what I found? I could be having Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome - inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The sacroiliac joint is a firm, small joint that lies at the junction of the spine and the pelvis. Most often when we think of joints, we think of knees, hips, and shoulders--joints that are made to undergo motion. The sacroiliac joint does not move much, but it is critical to transferring the load of your upper body to your lower body.

So. First I need to get an Xray done to determine the diagnosis. Maybe medication and physical therapy if need be. Since I don’t have that kinda sharp pain anymore, just the time when I injured myself, I suppose I’m on my way to recovery coz now it only hurt when Clyde poke me. :)

Tomorrow la.

I feel bad coz I was laughing when I read your post.

However, I must say that's not "poking" of any sort! I was massaging you! Hey, be appreciative woman.

Next, we can try western medication first. If nothing works only we go "Fei Lou" ok?

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