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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 


Whenever I plan for a trip abroad or local, work or leisure, I usually get very excited. I would pack and buy mini bottles of shampoo and body wash like 2 weeks’ ahead of schedule. I would go through my list of essentials and must-brings so I won’t forget anything. I would download maps and google places of interests in anticipation.

This time around, I did some googling and borrowed a map from Chris, but I feel kinda... laid back. I haven’t even studied the map properly. It’s 3 days to my flight and I haven’t packed. I haven’t bought my rupiahs. I haven’t charged my camera battery.

Now, that’s a first.

Maybe I wish I’m going with Clyde. He’s a real trooper when it comes to food and adventures! I miss him already.

It’s autumn now in Bonnieland.

Oh how sweet...........

Just enjoy yourself la. You going with a bunch of people, no need that many preparation one. Dont worry.

Should join your "Si Tao Po" for water rafting, really fun!

Dont worry about my birthday present if u dont hv time. To me, it's always the thoughts that really matter.

Aha! Don't you weasel yourself out of my gift too coz I'm expecting some from Hong Kong! >:P

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