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Thursday, January 03, 2008 


Great. Second working day in 2008 and I already severed a friendship. All in the name of settling a debt. Is it just me or can people can smell a ‘waterfish’ a mile away? Is my forehead stencilled with the word ‘SUCKER’? How can anyone do this to a friend who lent them a helping hand in times of need? Does the term ‘loan’ mean anything to you? Hell, it sure doesn’t mean ‘gift’. Dey, must pay back lah. How can you leave a loan hanging when you can afford other luxurious things like a laptop, new hand phone, car, holiday in Oz, etc? No calls, no emails, no apologies, no explaination, nothing. Doesn’t make sense lah.

I guess I spoke too soon.

Oh, well. 2008 is all about me, rite? So, whatever it takes lah.

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