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Monday, November 19, 2007 

Bodoh Benchoots

Had a rather ‘interesting’ weekend.

We took mom and aunt out for a Saturday dinner instead of the usual Sunday lunch. Reason being mom wanted to visit an old friend, which we did. She is a 87yo friend of mom’s and they are somewhat related. Grandpa and her uncle were sworn brothers. She later married a Malay man, who in turn adopted 4 kids and some of them married spouses of different races. I always stereotyped my Muslim friends for being conservative and traditional, but this family, a family of Datukship, pleasantly surprised me with their pride of having mixed heritage! :)

Anyways, back the main plot... after 2.5 hours of chit chatting and polite servings of excellent home made cakes and dodol, we had dinner and drove home.

My aunt realised something was wrong when the gate was missing the usual padlock and all the lights and fans in the house was switched on. We didn’t enter but dialled 999 and alerted the police. They arrived after 10 minutes. 2 of them told me to enter the house to which I replied, “Saya sendiri masuk???” Jokingly they said he would be close behind.

True enough the whole house was ransacked. Drawers everywhere (even the kitchen) were pulled out and the contents emptied onto the floor. After much poking around, my aunt announced her costume jewellery was missing. Mom, on the other hand, was in high spirits as her real jewellery in a velvet pouch was placed on her bed. Obviously the thieves forgot to take it. 2 bottles of 10 yo wine was also missing from the cabinet. What a blessing!

We went to the police station to make a report and we heard a neighbour from an adjacent road, was robbed around the same time too. However, they were not as lucky. Their laptops, cameras, hand phones, cash and jewellery was stolen. Thank God nobody was home so no trauma. After that we had to wait for the official photographers to take pictures of our house. Clyde and I went home to get some spare padlocks for mom and finally went home a little after 3am.

Next day we bought some more locks and forced mom to choose curtains, which she has been most adamant about for the longest time. I believe visibility led to the break-in and curtains would somewhat deter the thieves if they are unsure if anyone was home.

Mom, I insist and I’m not sorry.

Anyway, who in their right of mind would wanna rob 2 elderly women?? I hope the thieves feel like the idiots that they are when they try to sell the fake jewellery. I hope the cork rotted in the wine bottles. I hope they get diarrhoea after drinking it.

Most of all, I hope their mothers get robbed too.

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