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Friday, November 02, 2007 

Speaking Indian

The of the most amazing thing i've noticed from my stay in India is the way vehicle and human being living together.

Bicycle, car, rickshaw, motorbike, truck, lorry, trailer, and more.

No, i really mean "they", both live together.

Because these vehicles speak. When human are on their feet, they speak to each other. But when they ride their vehicles, those metal living thing speaks on behalf of its owner.

Whenever, u get out near a road, u can see cars speaking to each other. non-stop. Whether it's during a traffic jam hour or there're almost no other car on the road.

And the best part is, the Indian driver totally understand the language. And they're pretty emotionally attach to what they hear too.

After a week in India, I didnt manage to learn any Tamil not Hindu unfortunately. However, I did learn a few words from the vehicles. A thing that many of us thought they'r not living things:

"Honk... Hooonk" - means what the fuck?
"Beep! Bip! bip,bip!Beep!" - give way to me
"Beeeeh.....!Bep!beh!" - Hallo?
"Hoooonk...! Hon!Honk!" - (same as above)
"Bip! Bip!Bip!" Beware! I m coming!
"Bip!Bip!Bip!Bip!Bip!" - Dont block la!

Dont think these car can only communicate simple messages. With different loudness, length, tone, and frequency, these vehicles can say complicated sentences. This's an example after i saw my rickshaw driver smile when he met another rickshaw on my way to town. He explained to me.

"Biip!Bip! BBiiiiiii...."
"Teet! tit! tettttt!" (This's another rickshaw replied)
"BiBip! Bip!"

It means:

"Hey I heard you brother is going to get married. Congratulations! So when's the ceremony?"
"Thanks, long time no see! Oh his wedding is next Friday. Will you be coming?"
"I m not sure yet, i will call you...."

After the driver explained to me, he said he forgot to ask his friend;s phone number. But at that time, the other rickshaw had already long passed away.

I wonder how are numbers being pronounced.

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