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Friday, October 19, 2007 

King Of Bollywood

We attended our regional shoot of the year, an ad which profusely cost the client USD3 million, shot periodically over 5 weeks (still ongoing), directed by critically acclaimed international film director Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth) with Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan as the lead. It wasn’t our board, but we dropped by just to see if shoots were conducted similar to Malaysian style.

It wasn’t.

For starters, there were massive amount of people in the studio; entourage, talents, extras, crew members, runners and agency were all over the place. There wasn’t a dedicated section for each group. There were, however, an elevated space exclusively for the FD, FD’s family, chairman’s wife, our ECD and other VIPs. Shahrukh sat there of course, with 2 bodyguards in tow. There’s something about men with guns that makes me nervous.

It was an intense and serious shoot, hand phones were put on silent mode, the crowd spoke in hushed tones and crew members tip toed around the set. We were used to more attention and being more purposeful than this so we left after a couple fo hours.

I was surprised to see Shahrukh was much smaller in stature compared to what I saw on TV. He must be only 5’9”, extremely slim, muscular with very big biceps, a very small waist and a very toned ass. Oh, and a waxed chest. Yes, it showed through his form-fitting open-necked shirt and tight pants.

I can’t reveal any pictures or names here as the shoot is still ongoing (not to mention my camera didn’t capture any decent pics sans-flash). Will post more info asap. Promise.

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