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Monday, October 15, 2007 

Dude, That Line's Older Than Your Mother

I spent a good half of yesterday at Landmark, a popular discount book store. Kopilighter was lurking somewhere on his own. As usual, I had my ipod on as I lose myself in the titles.

A young Indian chap, at most in his late teens, approached me and asked me to read the sms on his hand phone. It looked like Spanish or Brazilian to me. I promptly told him I don’t know the language and put my headphones back on.

He asked again if it was English. I said no. He asked me what language did I think it was and I said dude, I don’t know. He wondered aloud what race I was and I said Chinese, but the message is not Chinese either. At this point, his accomplice from another aisle asked what was the problem and they both began discussing about languages like strangers with bad acting skills. I got really annoyed and put my headphones back on.

They musta realised I was not biting and left at some point.

Later, I bumped into them and they avoided me and hurried off.

What were they thinking?! Stick to someone your own age, man. :)

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