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Sunday, October 14, 2007 


Teeth are ok. I m fine with them, especially when they r well serving me.

Only sometimes, just sometimes, when one from the whole squad got nasty; refuse to work properly,or stay quietly at its place as i like it to be, one's teeth could give their master a glimpse of hell.

It may not be the kind of pain a doctor would rate as grade 10; nor discomfort that would send you unconcious; it's the little by little, constant, irritating, patiently sand your will power and spirit into dust. When it comes, though it might go, but you know damn well it will be back in no time.

It's like setting up a small motor poking into the deepest, most sensitive part of your tooth with a needle. The battery seems never run out.

Finally got rid of it.

The feeling is like cuting part of your bone outta your body.

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