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Wednesday, October 10, 2007 

Did You Know (PART II)

(more interesting facts on Mumbai)

1) ... Indians like drama. They will debate heatedly over the slightest issue, stage a dramatic walkout and can still be the best of friends afterwards. They don’t believe in holding back which I feel is mighty healthy.

2) ... Indians don’t answer the phone with “hello” like everyone else in the world. Instead, they get straight to the point with “aah, tell me.” Takes some getting used to. :)>

3) ... that there are a lot of ‘dry’ days, days when alcohol are strictly not sold ANYWHERE in India for religious reasons. When that happens and you are thristing for a beer, you gotta go underground.

4) ... India is so overloaded with printers and books are relatively cheaper here. Also, a 4-colour printing of 12-page brochure can be printed and delivered in 2 days.

5) ... the thing they do with their heads is a form of approval and respect. It universally means “yes, sir” or “ok, I understand”, etc. So don’t make fun of them ok. :)

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