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Thursday, October 11, 2007 

Not So Far From Home After All

Just when I thought everything is different in India, I am proven wrong. The sun that shines on our paddy fields shines on their turmeric farms too.

Being in the ad industry (and every other competitive industry I guess), females are scarce. I have been told by a male visualiser in the early 90’s that I was the FIRST female visualiser he has ever met. My friend tells me I am the ONLY female creative on a telco account to last 5 years. And over here in bollywood, I am also the ONLY female creative and the second female in the entire office.

It is not surprising I come across SAMs (Superior Alpha Male) all the time. These types don’t listen, overight my decisions and talk to me as if I’m a child. Afterwards, they feel stupid because they realise I was right and they try to bulldoze their way around pompously. As if I didn’t make things clear in the first place and now the solution came from them. And then they call me a bitch.

Apologies are out of the question but I am fine by that. Afterall, they are nobodies to me. I take it in my stride because I am a firm believer that professionalism should rise above petty differences. I rant and curse (and possibly blog about it heheh), but after a hot shower, a hug from Clyde and a good night’s sleep, I’m back at work.

I feel sorry for them.

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