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Monday, October 15, 2007 

Bad Feng Shui

I think our apartment has bad chi coz there is not a single night I did not dream. I dreamt of everything, even people I have not been thinking for ages. The dreams come in fuzzy, complicated episodes and there’s usually 3 episodes per night. I don’t remember much except:

1) Clyde and I had strange m&m’s-like growth on our armpits which bloomed and produced metal spoons.

2) An ex colleague who lost a child recently lost another. They were inconsolable.

3) 2 colleagues wearing all white and disco-dancing ala Bollywood style, asking me to join in, which I didn’t and ran off (you gotta admit this one is scary! :P).

4) Kopilighter and I were given choices to either go to:
a) NYC to collect our awards
b) India to work

And I kept telling him that awards aren’t important. Work is so let’s go Mumbai. Eeeee... what’s wrong with me??!

If I remember anymore, I will update this thread.

Those are horrible dreams, but i kinda like the first one though. Metal spoon? surrealas it could be......

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