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Sunday, October 14, 2007 


Watch a HonKong movie. Forgot its English title; something about acting.

Directing, story, humor, even the acting is just average. However, I kinda enjoy it.

Maybe it's because there's some favoritism over the main actor, also dont know his English name. Normally others cal him "Jim Sir". Yes he is the one played as an instructor in the movie "Muk Tao", some sort of a motivator to employees of a company. Could never forget the way he said,"Point!" Bonnie loves his act too.

He's a stage performer, also a standing comedian. Should had some very tough time in the pass (Who doesnt? For a stage performer). Only recently his standing comedy got some fame which brought him to a series of good things, and of course income.

The show is about a policeman, about acting; basically is kinda similar to a Stephen Chow's movie. No big deal supposedly.

But, when I watch his larger than normal kinda acting, suddenly I felt sad for him. I don't know. Maybe not him alone. Probably for all those in this acting profession. Or even for all people, you and me.

I realise as a actor, it's not always his own call for when to laugh and when to cry; when to be happy and when to be sad. It's all the director's call; maybe also the writer's. It is ok because it's just about shooting a movie. But what about us? The "real" people in the "real"world.

Do we have the freedom to make the call too?

Have we lost the ability to physically express our mind or emotion or heart?

Or we just choose not to express, or show something else on our face so we could not be predict, or we are a well mannered person or we are a acomodating person?

Whatever reason.

The hardest character to act in the whole wide world is actually ourselves.

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