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Monday, November 12, 2007 


I’m surprised at how happy and relieved I am to be home. As soon as we touched Malaysian soil, Clyde and I took a taxi straight home. I unpacked while Clyde drove out for a hearty Malaysian brekkie and tapau-ed BKT for me. BKT, oh how sweet art thou!

I just realised my car is available to me 24/7. My friends are at a distance of setanak nasi. My warm, cosy bed, my PS2, my little TV and DVD set, my dearest Astro, My spacious, clean bathroom, my walk-in wardrobe, my chatty colleagues, my lunch outings with them, my little cubicle, my desk lamp, our colour printer, our beloved designers and producers, the clean malaysian air, 4-lane highways, bigbigbig shopping malls, pasar malams, MIL’s soup, my favourite Thai massage place, my regular beauty/hair stylists, my bland Chinese stir-fried vegetable dishes, beef, pork, duck and crab dishes, belaccan chilli, endless Chinese 8-course dinners, DVD pedlars, calls at local rates, free laundry and cleaning services from our maid, etc. I know I missed all things familiar, but I didn't know I missed them sooo much.

Amen! :)

Today I missed India too but mostly the shopping bit. I feel they have got so much to offer as their main attraction (street shopping) is the best I have encountered, knocking Bangkok to 2nd place on my list. Sight seeing is brilliant too, if only the government can turn the country around and make it more tourist friendly.

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