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Wednesday, November 21, 2007 


I m not the warmest guy around. Despite i treat every single ones i call friend with sincerity, i seldom put in the effort to keep in touch. I know relationship needs effort to maintain. However, i too, believe true friendship's beyond time and space.

Today i just got a call from a friend i didnt see for near to a decade. She told me she'd just given birth to a boy 2 weeks ago; feeling bored staying home. Hence the calls to all her old friends.

We had a short talk, a very pleasant one. She told me quite some stuff about her family and marriage and son. It really cheered me up.

Before we hung up, i thanked her for the call and told her that the call's brought some good memories and happiness to my otherwise usual-boring Tuesday afternoon. I told her i would call her some other time, this round i would make the initiative.

"Yeah yeah, i know you. Clyde, i know you too well," she laughed.

Perhaps she's right. After putting down the phone, i realised i dont even have her phone number.

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