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Friday, September 01, 2006 


Mom visit temples whenever she has a crisis, questions and health problems (or not). For her, the answer to the mysteries of the universe lies in the forms of idols, joss sticks and paper money. Anyway, mom brought sis and I together with a handful of other relatives to see this sifu in Ipoh when we were toddlers because we were constantly sick.

Sis went first while I waited. Being wise and all knowing, sifu looked at her face. Quietly, he wrote a prescription on a piece of brown paper with ink and brush. I was amazed by the grace of his hand movements and unmatched calligraphy. I forgot what was prescription was, but the medication came in the form of a foul-smelling, nasty-tasting, black-coloured bowl of soup which we had to drink 3 times a day. The only consolation was the piece of sweet plum we could eat after we gulped down the questionable matter.

And so it was my turn. Sifu looked at my face and outstretched palm. He looked again and beckoned to mom and said those magical words, “Your daughter was born with a stroke of genius.”

Everything went silent. My little eyes opened in awe and wonder while my little mind digested his prophecy.

And then all hell broke loose. Sis sneered. Mom laughed. A distant relative cracked a joke saying I have that one stroke of genius and 9 strokes of stupidity. I retorted one stroke is better than none at all. Mom told me to shut up.

I think they are just jealous.

No! I didnt laugh!

Btw I totally agree. One stroke of genius.......

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