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Thursday, September 14, 2006 

I'm Happy For 'em for They're Happy For Me

Saw my parents this morning when I was out for work. I realised these two persons who used to be giants to me have got so old. While leaving the house, suddenly I miss them.

I stay with my parents; with the support of Bonnie (Thanks babe). I see them, I talk to them, everyday; but now I feel I miss them. Is it because I didn't include them in my life? Is it because I didn't interact with'em enough? Sometimes when I had some really busy weeks which I got home after Bonnie slept, I would feel that I miss her so much. Though we stay in the same house but we'd never got a chance to even talk to each other. Is this the same feeling?

You may say what's up with writing a post whining about missing his parents?

Call me a mama boy. I couldn't be bother; I dont even understand the meaning of that word.

Imagine this: One day you were all broke, lost your ability to earn money, become physically disable that you cant even eat your own food, or in short, you lost your ability to survive. Then come this really kind-hearted couple, they provide you food, shelter and help to learn again how to survive and be independence.

Also imagine this: That couple not only provide you physical aid when you need it, they give you all sorts of mental support too. Whatever wrong you had done, they'd never left you, never feel disgrace, never betray, always open their arms when you are tired, and ready to forgive whenever you turn back to them.

Now, this couple has become old and they have lost their ability to be indepence. What would you do?

To some of the people I met; when I told them this hypothesis, answers were almost 100% similar: pay back the good grace. Take good care of the people who ised to help them. Some even said, even if the old couple wasnt sick or weak, he will take care of them.

However, when I change the hypothesis a little bit, from "the old couple" to "your old pa and ma"; answars vary.

Well, as for my parents, thay're still doing what they think is the best for all of us, me and my siblings. They have become more independence these days. Instead of sitting in the house and wait for their children to come home from work, which might cause some tension, thay choose to go out, make more friends and get some new hobbies. All in the good reason for us not to worry for them.

Me, I'm not sure about my sisters, I think I have been taking all this for granted.

I actually feel regret. I even feel like crying.

Maybe it's because of my work pressure these days; I'm quite emotional unstable. But at least I've learned something that I'd overseen for so long.

Call me a mama boy. I don't care. I'm proud to be the way I am. According to statistic, people who are good to their parents are high, in possibility, becoming persons who're good to their spouse too. I can totally understand that; it's for the same reason they well-treat the woman who's been supporting and loving them all these years. It's a circle, a circle of good energy.

I am happy for them for they are happy for me.

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