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Monday, July 16, 2007 

Baa.... Baa.....

First glance on the design, I was like,"Eww.... Petaling Street nowadays really has NO taste!" After was told it's from Anya Hindmarch, I notice eyes were staring on me, disgracefully. (Btw, I was shown the Europe version which is exactly the same, just the words are in brown)

Well, maybe it's me who's no taste not Petaling Street, no,... I mean AH.

Then I was shown another picture (The picture below). Then I realised why it was sold out in hours in a lot of places.I believe many are like me too.

Just that, I still dont like the design. I m a minimalist, a hardcore one actually. It doesnt appeal to me like the LV bags design too. The only thing I am worry about is me, being interested in macro marketing, has actually lost my edge in being sensitive in marketing. I wouldnt make a bag like that, and I ll never be able to create a "Star" product like this. This is what I m worry about.

Herd mentality is a goose that lays golden eggs in marketing. It basically works in its own pace. If u get, you get it. If you cant, dont force it. The fantastic part of it is, every sheep in the herd will find a reason for its action, and the force will be unstoppable.

Just that sometimes there ll be a few black sheep in the herd.

If you are one of those who couldnt manage to get yourself one because AH is creating limited edition to create limited awareness of environmental issue to limited amount of people, tell yourself that the bag isnt actually that nice looking. The easiest way of doing that is, forget how Angelina Jolie look when she carry the bag. Picture yourself, if you need help, get a picture of you taken in pasar malam wearing t-shirts, shorts and slippers and look at it, carrying the bag.

You will find that suddenly you dont need the bag so badly.

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