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Thursday, June 21, 2007 


"Why girls always stick to those Ang Moh?" On the phone, my friend sounded so bored. I can hear there're people laughing and talking in the background. He should be in a pub or something.

"Er, blame your parents, dude. "

"Hey face is not everthing ok, I have my charm too."

"I m not talking about your face, I am talking about your skin."

Later we met, as most Malaysians, in a mamak. He said he just gotta escape outta there, a casual after-work gathering with colleagues, and some overseas expat whom're here to study their plant.

I can see it's not the boredom that chased him out, he is, obviously, very low self esteem.

" It started out pretty well for almost an hour, we, three guys and five girls, were just having dinner, a little drink and a lot of fun, cracking jokes and such. But once the Guai Lou were here, it just seemed like all the girls were all over them. Nobody admired our charm, laughed to our jokes, or just acknowlege our existence."

"Actually the Guai Lou did laugh to our jokes, I think they're fine. Polite gentlemen. Just the girls, they only laugh when the Guai Lou laughed; as if they're seeking their approval."

And I told him to go Bangkok.

He called today, still in Bangkok, telling me and insisting that those girls are not prostitude,

This's how it inspired me to write this post.

Guys in Malaysia, many of us, always ask stupid questions like why asian girls always fall for caucasians. Why do their eyes shine brighter? Why they smile wider? Why they laugh louder? As a human being, I would say not ALL Asian girls are like that. and As a "yellow skin", I would say it's because of the inferiority of their own race that cause them act so.

That's the exact reason I told this friend of mine to go Bangkok, or India or some other places I suggested.

I have no intention of saying ALL Thai girls or girls from countries I suggested have this feeling of inferiority of their own race. No I dont mean that. I m just telling from what I experienced and from stories I heard; about Chinese, who can also speak fluent English, experience.

You might agree with it I dont expect you to, just like I wont agree with somebody if he said Chinese girls have this inferior feelings towards themselves and therefore they always hook on to caucasians.

I am just telling you, you can give it a try if you want to. However, if you dont, it does no harm to your life either.

So come back to the question why Malaysian man do so much complaints about Malaysian girls hanging onto Caucasian man; actually I think the men know the answer. It's just we refuse to face it.

There is such a thing called skin bleach you know... :P

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