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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 

The Luckys and The Unluckys

After reading Bonnie's post "The Haves and Have Nots", there's a lot of feelings flowing in me. I have done some pondering, well the following is not exactly based on Bonnie's defination, but my own opinion on people who always complain about life not treating them well.

Lets start with myself.

I m from a quite well off family. With healthy and good childhood. I have never have to worry about getting my stomach filled. Always being showered with loves and cares. Have good friends that could share with. Resources that is more than necessity. Luxury from time to time.I have a good wife. I gotta travel. I have a healthy body. I m the boss for hundred over people. I have hobbies.

So, am I considered lucky?

Before I answer that, lets see the other sides of me. I had very stressful childhood, and academic ranking below 3 in the class will get myself with quite some scolding and spanking. I ad one hour each day for relaxation; half for tv and half for play. I had friends that betrayed for something toally unnecessary. I have a deformed chest, always the laughing stock during my schoold days. I had a father with serious depression and two suicide attempts. I have an obligation to take over my family business since young, my university courses are consolations for giving up my dreams.

So, am I considered unlucky?

I think it's all in our perspective of viewing oursleves. As for me, bad things happen. They will, always. But bad things will just come and go. Good things will always stay; they will become part of me.

So if anyone should think I am in the groups of "Haves", lemme tell you, there're things that you have which I don't. It's all in our minds; if you categorise yourself in that group, then you are one of them.

Some may say of course you r in the haves group, at least financially, what's there to consider as have-not when you have a plant generates 30 mil per year? Well put it this way, if you r fired by your boss today, what you have remain, financially? your bank account with RM20,000 balance? or the worst case, zero in balance?

If my company failed today, my bank account will have a balance of negative twelve million; for if I find a job of RM10,000 per month and give all my salary to pay the due, it would take me like 100years. Consider you are lucky when you do not have to pay when you got out of your current job.

We always forgot or take things for granted. The best car in the world has no comparison to our foot. The best movie in the world has no match to our imagination. The best food in the world is no use if we dont have our tongue. Not only our body, things that are given to us free of charge everyday, every second? Water, air, the forest, the ocean, the moon etc etc. Have we ever paid for any of this on top of the question, can we live without any of this?

Still, can we call ourselves the Have-Nots? If not, when we consider ourselves in the Haves group, can we not call ourselves lucky?

Only two types of people are not. First, those who lost their mind. Second, those who've forgotten they are.

So, am I still considered lucky?

I am. Sure I am. And I know it since the day I am born.

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