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Friday, June 08, 2007 


I am stupid. At least from tme to time, I try very hard to be.

Especially when it is about decision making.

And, especially, especially tough decision making.

I am not good at making choices. I am better in dealing with consequences, either they are good or bad ones.

So, I will always keep things extremely simple, as simple as I could, when there is a dilema about to be faced. I mean tough choices. To me, once the decision is made, dilema isnt going to happen.

I know not everybody agree to what I believe.

Now Bonnie is facing a very important decision she gotta make, which will affect our lives quite a bit. Her decision, in the end, actually doesnt affect me that much. I am not being cold blooded here. In fact, I am putting more effort into preparing myself to live through the result together with her.

If it would cause tears, let us cry together. If it resulted hardship, let us work harder together. Of course, if it trigger laughter, let us smile together.

On the day we were married, I was told/taught I am, as the man of the house, to be the decision maker; it's God's way of designing a family. However, I always let Bonnie make her choices. Maybe it's being selfish that it seems she is the one be responsible; maybe it's an act God isn't so happy about; I believe I am more suitable of being the supportive role.

Whatever choices she's made, that's my responsibility; no doubt about it. Just like Adam got scolding from God first, when Eve took the fruit. However, I believe since God's made me with such characteristic of being a suportive nature, He has His plan.

So Bonnie, I wish you should just calm down. Any decision you make you will have my full support. Just please dont get too caught up with it. It's not worth to sacrifice your beauty sleep :-)


Wa, you sure or not? No regrets ah? :)

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