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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 


After my previous post titled "Fetish", I got mails from these two fellas (whom I have no idea and a man or a woman, the formal I suspect) suggesting me to a few fetish pay sites which I believe they are the webmaster. I dont know how they got my email, probably they tracked it down from the google mail account that listed in the blog; after finding out that I do not actually even read anything from there, they got to my yahoo account.

This is actually keep me pondering.

I used to think nobody actually read our blog cause there's only Bonnie and I giving feedback to each other almost all of the time. However, after that "Fetish" post, seems like there're actually some "outsiders" been reading the blog, maybe not regularly, but I believe some may have dropped by on and off.

The question is: if there've been some visitors, why isnt there any feedbacks at all? Maybe the writings are so crappy that the readers dont even bother to write anything. I can understand if they were reading my post. However, I think Bonnie's posts are fantastic and funny. She used to have her own blog and the responds were great!

Then I started to understand the reason when I read one of the email stating, " you will keep anonymous, not even your wife will know......"

I think one of the reason people dont give feedback or lack of interest, of course first my writing is bad (though Bonnie's arent), second, we appear in the cyber space as husband and wife.

Recently, a local radio station has been asking audiences to call in to share about their cyberspace experience. 9 out of 10 call-ins actually have some other intentions than what they appear to be. From some very desperate ones to really harmless ones. All of them have got to do with the opposite sex. Of the the one of this ten was actually trying to lie to the DJ.

This is very obvious with the male. However, to my experience, many of the female, too, have the tendency of acting this way.

Once in a while I will join these few chatrooms about Gundam/Model builder. I have no problem talking to guys (99% of them are guys anyway, and might be a bit geekish like me), but in rare ocassion, girls will join in. This is one experience I had:

This girl's nickname as in PJ_*****, so I know she is a Malaysian (Most of the people in that room were from HongKong, Chine or Taiwan). After she knew I'm from KL, we started chating. I told her about places in KL to find good deals, some modelling technics and use of scratch build material and such. During the conversations, I know her has a boyfriend (I assumed she pick the hobby up because of peer, and she told me her boyfriend isnt into it at all) and she knows I have a wife. Knowing me as a married man didnt bother her which made me feel at least there's one girl who is genuinely like the hobby. Until the moment I told her I might be posting some of my work and how-tos on my blog. She was interested to know the blog address. I told her, and I told her it's not a blog about modelling only, but one my wife and I share blogging whatever we like.

Then, things change immediately. She seemed lost interest in talking and just started talking to the others.

I think the fact that she knew my wife actually know what I'm doing in the internet makes her lose interest in continue to chat. Having a wife is ok, admitting it in the net is ok, but letting your spouse know what you are doing in internet is a big no no.

I think maybe this's the reason why people do not leave any message in our blog; of course besides the fact that half of the posts here are actually crappy writings.

Maybe it's time for me to retire. With me around, Nobody bothers about Bonnie's writing, no matter how good they are.

I think it's a real pity.

It's not you la. Didja know Blogspot does not allow anonymous commenter anymore? I stopped commenting on other blogs too because in order to do so I have to:
1) Sign in as blogger
2) Sign in as google account user
3) Comment
4) Leave website / email details (which I dun wanna sumtimes)

Damn mah fan oredi.

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