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Thursday, May 10, 2007 


This entry was inspired by bryanscafe post on child discipline.

I had my hair washed and blown dry in a small saloon in Ipoh last week. Aside from myself and the 2 hairdressers, there was a couple of trannies, a mother and her son. The trannies were friends of the saloon owner and they were there for a courtesy visit. The mother, however, was there to monitor her 7 yo son’s haircut.

Kids being kids, the boy couldn’t and wouldn’t sit still. He was upset with the way his hair was being trimmed. Feeling frustrated and impatient with her son’s antics, she bellowed to the boy to “SIT STILL OR I’LL SMACK YOU RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!” The trannies fussed about the boy to comfort him but the boy refused to be placated easily. He turned his head this way and that.


Mother gave son a backhand on the head. It worked. The boy sat very still and did not utter another word of complaint. I was overcome with respect for the mother as she got her son to do what she wanted and yet not go overboard with it. It’s been awhile since I witnessed child discipline. Residing in modern KL, I’ve often seen children being told to behave themselves or else. Firm as they sound, but never do the parents venture beyond ‘or else’. And kids know nothing is coming so they continue behaving like monkeys. They run around like a witch with an itch, worm their way out of being punished and demand that extra piece of candy or new toy, all at the same time. Parents are held hostage so they give in to anything to avoid embarassment. Not glam ma liddat.

Kids know how. That’s right, KIDS ARE EEEEEVIL. :P

Back in Clyde’s days, MIL will tell him off whenever he misbehave in public. She will also warn him what to expect once they get home. Clyde would get all freaked out as the suspense is worse than the actual punishment LOL. As for me, mom just smacked on the spot and then some.

Although I feel child discipline is necessary, it’s very important that parents do not lose the whole point for discipline. Put your anger and frustrations aside and focus on the purpose. There is no perfect way to do it but with a little firmness and a whole lotta patience, nothing is impossible.

Yess..... I got smacked a lot, And I was so afraid of it......

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