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Thursday, May 10, 2007 

Advice Device

I had an interesting chat with this particular girlfriend of mine, as always.

I knew her from one of my earliest agencies. Both of us left and moved on but we still keep in touch.

Every outing will result in heated debates, leaving me to ponder about life late into the night. Both of us are hot-headed, stubborn and refuse to give way. She will insist her problems are bigger than mine and I will disagree. What a thing to fight over! You’d think we are both comparing boob size or something! LOL

I suppose I will never see her side of the story or know how she feels unless God forbid, I’m in her shoes. And vice versa. The grass is always greener on the other side and from a 3rd person’s POV, your problems will always look miniscule compared to theirs.

Doesn’t matter if you are depressed to the point sleep is affected coz “it’s only stress.”

Doesn’t matter if you loaned someone a five-figured amount of moolah and you may never get it back and the answer to this problem is “just let go.”

Doesn’t matter if your family treats you like a money tree coz “it’s good karma.”

As I drifted off to sleep, I realised I also gave her similar answers so why do I feel I’m so different compared? We both victimise ourselves, can’t see the big picture and we just can’t blardy let go.

Morale of the story? It’s fun to b*tch about life, but just leave it at that. Nobody is asking for advice, really.

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