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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 

Teacher's Day

Today, May 16th, is Teacher’s Day.

I met many teachers throughout my schooling days and I’m sad to say none of them inspired or mentored me. I guess I was too blur of a kid to remember much during kindy and primary school, but the teachers in my secondary school and art college were educational rejects. They don’t give two hoots about students’ well being or education standard, as long as they get their gaji buta. I heard countless stories about gems of a teacher and I studied for a good 16 years... SO WHERE ARE YOU GUYS??

There was the Ol’ Bulldog-Faced Fatty who bullied every slim, svelte, youthful bodied girl.

There was See-No-Evil-Hear-No-Evil in Rakan Sebaya Counselling Society who turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to child physical and sexual abuse, asking the student to “talk to your parents and sort things out.”

There was the Dream Killer who taught Art and told us “there’s no career in Art.” (go figure)

There was the CSI Wannabe who instructed prefects to remove a student’s bra and shake it about, just in case some stolen cash was stashed inside.

There was the Horny Old Goat who got beaten up by fathers and brothers coz he was having affairs with his student.

There was the same Horny Old Goat who also cheated students to pay him for books that was never published.

There was Talentless French Skeleton who told his students all of them are stupid.

There was the Illusionist who couldn’t hack it in the advertising field and opted for a career in lecturing instead and ended up stealing students’ ideas and designs to sell to his clients.

So a Happy Teacher’s Day to all of you. Go make someone’s life miserable now.

Er..... angry student. One we got here......

cheer up. you probably just went to the wrong school :)

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Seems like I was never ready! LOL

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