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Thursday, May 17, 2007 

Dream Job

Talked to some friends today, women, all of them. From bitching about their bosses and job pressure, we finally came to the topic of dream job.

There's this kinda job in this world. I dont know what's the title but it actually exist in some more advance cities. The main task of that job is to shop.

Not market research kinda shopping, where u r forced to buy things that might not interest u at all. I am talking about personal assistant kind of shopping.

Some rich and extremely busy people, too busy to even spend their hard earn money, hire someone to do their shopping. From buying household necessities, friends' birthday gifts, to clothings for function and fashion purposes. So these poeple are hired to solve their problems. Deciding on their bosses images and taste, they gotta buy things that the bosses wear and use and give as a present.

Main function of the job: shop, shop, and shop; for nice things using money from their bosses wallets.

This may sound very good but is not that realistic for Malaysia. Some Malaysians do have someone to shop for them but as I know, nobody is hired for solely for this purpose only.

I know some people are really having a job that is close to a dream job as described.

There's this guy owning a console game shop in a shopping complex near where I stay whom I think is really enjoying his life to the fullness. Basically what he do as I know is morning around 10am something, breakfast, newspaper, and comics. Open shop around 1130am, chat to customers (mostly afternoon session student from a school nearby), play PS2. Since that place isn't very heavy traffic and most of the customers can wait when he hang a notice on the door saying he'll be back in an hour's time, he can just get outta shop anytime he like, makaning, teh-tariking, chatting with his friends, or even napping. In short, all he does is just what I will do when I take a day off to rest at home.

He's doing it everyday, and making a living doing it.

I am happy for him.

I've been doing that for almost a month now, and its not much fun at all.

Yeah, and he can go kacau "ngow lai mui" 3x a day, every 4 hours once, before or after meals. LOL

yuin - you do? u lucky bastard!

Bonnie - I guess that's the reason the kiosk is closed reight?

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