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Monday, June 04, 2007 

Dear Annie

How was your flight to Nice? I’m sorry I couldn’t make it for lunch. I tendered my resignation the day you flew off. As you can imagine, emotions were in turmoil, work was disarrayed but tempers were in check. After procrastinating for weeks, the decision was made. It’s heartbreaking to leave a place and the people you spent half a decade with. I wanted to say I will be leaving part of my heart behind, but I prefer keeping it and bringing the good times with me.

Chris left for Avene the day after you did and her husband to Paris the day after.

Seems like everyone’s leaving me for France! What does that country has that I don’t huh? Flenj Fly in Flanj? LOL

I didn’t wanna burden you with these thoughts as you were busy saying your goodbyes and entertaining farewell parties. I should be in a whole new environment by the time you complete your studies. See you in October and take care babe.

All my love,

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