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Monday, June 11, 2007 

How To Fail Your Restaurant Business

Gosh, we have been frequenting Jogoya @ Star Hill so much it’s not funny anymore. 3x in 3 months is no joke. See how we used to love it? Standards have dropped immensely since the last time we patronised the place.

For starters, they don’t serve the hairy crab in the sashimi section anymore. It’s only for the VIP card members now. :'(

Secondly, there was no smile from the serving waitresses. Even the girl who was serving at the dessert parlour sulked and did not return my smile or thanks. Same goes to the guy who was manning the chinese soups and dim sum corner. We weren’t supposed to pick the dim sum by hand, but nobody served us so we ended up doing it on our own.

We sat at table no. 62 and the waitresses kept bringing us food for table no. 92. Because there was 7 of us, we didn’t know who ordered what and ended up eating everything. When we told the waitress to return back another prawn dish for 92, she took the dish threw the food down the garbage pail without a word. She could have sent it to the correct table but since it’s a buffet, there is no cost incurred and 92 is not her responsibility, she just threw food away like it’s going out of style. We were shocked to silence.

What bugs me most is the way the waitresses hurried our meal by removing our plates hastily. There was no enquiry whether we have finished our food and could they please clear the plates. Again, there was no smile or apology for each mistake. This is a far cry from the sashimi section, where there was an abundant of smiles and food clarifications.

I understand most of the staffs are foreign workers but it won’t hurt the management to teach them some basic English, dining etiquette and force some common sense into their thick skulls.

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