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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 

The Haves And The Have-Nots

The world is divided into distinct halves - the haves and the have-nots.

I came into the world with average education, limited skills and moderate intelligence. My parents had trouble coughing up moolah for secondary text books and school fees. It became worse when I attended a non-profitable institution for a Diploma which cost RM790 per semester twice a year for 3 years. I thought that was dirt cheap but what did I know? I was just a stupid kid.

So what’s a girl gotta do to make an honest living to support an elderly mother and aunt and buy a Kancil? I have no rich parents to tide me over when things get tough. I’m all old skool discipline and training and I believe the most honourable way to the top is to work your way up, taste the blood, sweat and tears. Therefore, that makes me a ‘have-not’.

And then there are ‘the haves’, those who were born with 999K gold bars shoved down their abalone-and-lobster filled tummies. These are the ones who always complain about how the world stereotyped them for being loaded, how they never asked for it, can we please understand the stress they are going through and they depended on themselves all their lives, so said the one who went to the best colleges around, those who’s already a working adult but is still using papa’s gold card to buy LV bags, the one who believes charm can get them through life, not hard work. Charms and looks, among ‘other’ things. These are the ones who have it easy and never had to work very hard for anything coz everything is handed by them on a diamond studded platinum platter.

But to be fair, not all are like that. Some invest with their inherited capital and expertise to become the nouvo rich. Then I look at people (like Clyde, for instance) who isn’t born with a silver spoon but is relatively well-off. He makes an effort to get to work early (but not always hehe) and work hard (again, not always haha) but I don’t think he went through what I did lor. Being a boss, Clyde has his own set of headaches and nightmares but mine are different. Mine are in the category of paranoia, i.e. what does my bosses / colleagues / client / suppliers think of me / my work, will I get promoted / fired / increment / bonus / back stabbed, etc. That’s the psyche of an average employee, a small fry.

And what do I make out of all this? Nothing. Just that I know I am street smart-er and will survive the bigger bumps in life, should there be anymore.

*smug grin*

You are doing fine, girl. And that's something you should be damm prood of.

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