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Thursday, June 21, 2007 

You Disgusting Rats, Go Away!

Our Yang Berhormat have been appearing in the press recently. Maybe I should rephrase that, they are ALWAYS there, just that this time, instead of arguing over national related issues with their opposition parties' members, they're now fighting against "civilian", the likes of you and I.

RM0.40 for a glass of water/ais kosong/air suam. Too expensive? RM1.80 per Milo ais a rip off?

Let's not say which side I m with, the mamak or the yang berhormat; let's look at the reason behind all this fuss made.

Really, RM0.40 for a glass a water is really too expensive? Or RM1.50 for a glass of Kopi-ais unreasonable? To me, the poor mamak actually did put up a signboard listing all the prices clearly for consumer as reference before they order. So what the f**k? If listing or layout the prices to customer before they order is not going to save you from the trouble of being accused "tak jujur", our beloved minister, let us go starb*ck, Ik*a Cafe, or even Conc*rd Hotel; you will have a lot more to complain.

Of course if we start war with those international group of companies, we will even lose more foreign investment, even more foreign money is afraid to be invested in Malaysia. That's a bad thing. So does it make it right, hence, to open fire to these humble smaller companies? Especially these are 100% Malaysian owned companies?

Probably he'll say, "After the operase, whould go xxxxx for a glass of chilling iceblended coffee. They r having promotion now, only RM9.xx. Not even 10 bucks...."

I remember a story read when I was young. A farmer was once lost in the jungle for days, he was hungry, thirsty, and exhausted. He prayed to the Moutain God for guidence and finally he managed to get back. He was so happy and, as he promised if he got saved, he prepared lots of food and gave it back to the creatures of the forest. He prepared wheat, barley, and corn; each pile up as tall as a man at the edge of the forest. In no time, animals started to come and eat the food he prepared; deer, buffalo, birds etc. Until suddenly he found that there were some tiny creatures munching on those food. He look down and saw that they were rats, not hamster, rats.
He got so angry and started to chase those rats away. The rats said, "but we're also cretures from the mountain!" And the farmer replied, "......."

What the farmer said is the moral of the story which is, not exactly what I feel today.

Since our Prime Minister announced the increment for civil servant a month ago, many people have been very cautious about us, the civilian, the buyers, being over-spent, and the sellers being over-charged. We can read from the paper now there operations going into the public to make sure nobody increase the selling prices of their goods. To protect "us", the general public.

I am not saying this's not good nor wrong. I am a believer of free-market, or capitalism. Supply and demand market flow. There's a good intention for our government to do that. The only question is: is there a good intention?

Trying to control a Nes-Lo ais below RM1.50 while can allow RM10 plus ice-blended drink with a similar substance. Good intention it might be.

Control the prices of the eggs, the flour, the can food, the vege, the chicken, all those hawkers and shops are selling; but hush hush on the increment of our petrol, our toll.

I somehow heard somebody's saying, "these are for deers and rebits and the likes of the lovable animals. You disgusting rats, go away!"

Maybe people generally enjoy paying for over priced items leh... :)

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