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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 

New Start

Years ago.

When I was in the States. When BBS is the most active place people went into in cyberspace. When I was still preferd to use Unix to browse the net. When in universities, professor were still lecturing and explaining what is "internet".

I got hooked. To this thing called irc.

Ok lets talk modern; many out there dont even know what the hell I m talking about. It's like icq, messanger etc. A program which you use to live-chat with others.

The screen was blue then, with reverse white words to indicate what you'd typed as well as others. If you looked at it for 10 minutes, you'll feel nothing. As for me, when I started to see all things in reality as pink, I knew I was in trouble.

People wearing pink shirts. Ambulance was pink. Elevator button were all pink.

I went to see a therapist, is paid for by foreign student insurance, and she told me that I had nothing wrong with my eyes. It's my near to addiction in the cyberspace.

I listened to her. I am clean for more than ten years (Please clap).

Since then, though I didnt quit computer gaming, but I was always very cautious of the internet. I just browse the net for information. Didnt have an account for web mail, messanger or any sort, no friend making stuff. The furthest I went is having this blog and occasionally join some forums.

After more than ten years of self discipline, with some self testing, I think I m just strong enuf to deal with the internet again. I reactivate friendster, register myself instead of going in as a guest in some forums.

I've been doing this for more than a week, and to my surprise, I find that I m not that interested in the internet. It didnt thrill me that much. I m just so happy with it.

Of course I m still doing it with reserve which I think is a good thing. I do not keep anonymous. For all things I registered online, I m using my real name, which I think will keep me aware of reality and not be lost in the cyberspace again.

I think this is a new start, and a good one.

You surf porn eh? Hehe.

Yeah just watch a clip called "Gundam and Zaku's private Party."

Dont be ashame you got a geeky husband.

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